Unplug then eat


Though we haven’t found the exact study, we’re almost certain buttered popcorn tastes 25-75% better while watching Kramer fly through Jerry’s door in Seinfeld, or Thor fight Thanos. 

The study we did find showed that distracted eating (while watching TV in this case) led to more calories eaten. Makes sense. When you’re paying attention to Thor getting punched in the ribs, you’re less concerned with how many ribs you’re putting in your mouth.

 Try these things:

  • Finish the meal, then press play.
  • If you need a snack during the show, pick one that’s not going to spike your blood sugar (especially in the evening, when you’re trying to get to sleep later - ERND works great here).
  • When your snack is gone, give your hands something to do (think: fidget spinner, paint your nails, fold playdough, etc.). You’ll be surprised how similarly satisfying it is.


 All in all, it’s very good practice to focus on food when you’re eating. Your brain will register more quickly how much is the right amount for your body’s needs. Try it out!

December 06, 2021 — ERND marketing

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