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Here at ERND, we love the health benefits of a low-sugar lifestyle, but we refuse to sacrifice on taste, quality, or the sense of belonging good sweets bring. We set out to pair the finest Belgian chocolate with a touch of sweet that would make your heart sing, your goals prevail and help everyone belong. We think we may have done it with our keto, low-sugar, vegan treats. We’re thrilled to share our creations with you! You've earned it! #ERNDit

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100 Years of Perfection

Like you, we care a lot about the taste and quality of the foods we eat. In fact, we care about it so much that we only use the finest Belgian chocolate, made according to recipes perfected over the last century, to create our ERND chocolates. We think you’ll be blown away by the smooth, rich, creamy taste of an ERND chocolate. Don’t believe us? Try one yourself!

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ERND for Your Lifestyle

You've made the admirable decision to live a healthy lifestyle, Keto, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Low-Sugar, or otherwise, and we're here to support you! ERND's luscious truffles and bites are crafted with only the best ingredients - fine Belgian chocolate, organic coconut oil, and other high-quality and natural ingredients - and without any added sugars, to satisfy your taste buds and your body alike.

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