Our first experience with a carb-restricted diet was a disaster! While we loved the benefits of a healthier lifestyle, we often found ourselves fighting snack cravings and searching the nutrition labels of our favorite treats only to learn that none fit our diet requirements. We knew there had to be a better way to find diet compliant snacks that didn't compromise on taste. Our journey towards a better snack started with chocolate (our favorite treat) and we looked to replicate our favorites—darks that burst with intensity, and milks that perfectly balance a good cocoa body with rich creaminess. This search led us to the European chocolatiers and the finest Belgian chocolate, made without any added sugars. ERND chocolates are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth, while keeping you on the path of your healthy lifestyle. We’re excited to share our creations with you, and hope you enjoy!



Bekah, Chad, and the entire ERND team