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It takes more than a positive mindset and faith to get through the day when facing a crisis. Some people advise that it's best to 'put one foot in front of the other' to keep yourself going in times like these, and as time passes, you will feel better.

While the advice is helpful, here are other things you can do mindfully to get through a rough day:

Get Into Your Feelings

Getting into your feelings is among the most important things to do when going through a difficult time. But, most times, when a person is feeling bad, the first instinct is to brush away the negative feelings, distract themselves, and pretend that these feelings do not exist. While this may temporarily work, the hurt feelings continue to linger in the background.

The way to handle negative feelings is to acknowledge that they exist. You could write them in a journal, talk to someone about them, express them creatively through art, or sit with them and let them come over you. Once you do it, the emotions have a lesser hold on you. Let your focus be on the feelings themselves rather than the events that caused them as you do this.

Take a Rest

It is difficult to get into your feelings and correctly express them if you are tired. Tiredness aggravates the negative feelings you have. So, to sort your feelings correctly, give yourself some time to take a rest and see how it positively changes your perspective and ability to weigh the situation accurately.

Sit still, remain quiet, and if your thoughts are getting in the way of the stillness, listen to some soft meditative music or take a nice book and read. If you can take a nap, do that also. The idea is to get in touch with your emotions so that you can process them better.

Look Into Your Values

After getting your mind and feelings settled, the next thing is to allow your values to lead your actions. Being in touch with your values determines the actions you take at the time of your hurt. So, take note of at least two core values and choose to remain true to them even in difficult times.

Ask for Help

When you feel better and have a better grasp of the negative situation, you can identify the problems you would need help resolving. Sometimes, it's a good idea to lean onto others for support. These people could be your friends or family members who have a positive influence on your life.

Eat a Healthy ERND Snack

Eating food creates a sensation of positive reinforcement and good feelings because it activates your brain's areas that signal dopamine release. So, include some good snacks in your bounce-back plan.

Choose healthy food options like ERND Snacks and avoid foods that contain high amounts of sugars, fats, and sodium. ERND Snacks is sugar-free chocolate that has an extremely low insulin response. It is suitable for anyone, including those on a keto or diabetes diet.

Be Grateful

Gratitude is the appreciation of the good things in your life, tangible or intangible. It brings a sense of satisfaction and causes you to experience positive emotions by relishing your life's good events and experiences. Even when some things have gone wrong in your life, there's still a lot of good that have happened.

Once you get your mind on this path, you will start to notice a trail of thoughts about things that bring you joy and for which you should be grateful. These things need not be big. They could be seemingly minor things like a cup of tea, taking a walk, a beautiful sunset, some blooming flowers, or a conversation with your neighbor.

Take Lessons From It

People say that there's a lesson behind every life event and that even when bad things happen, they are just feedback, not failure. So, when going through a rough day, remind yourself that the adverse event is a learning experience meant to shift you back to the right path.

Many of life's lessons come from failing and trying again. So, when things do not go your way, instead of giving up and beating yourself up, try to understand the things happening and pick some lessons from them.


The seven ideas above could help you tackle rough days in a healthy way that gets you to keep your peace and your values. Keep a list of these steps and use it whenever you are dealing with a challenging situation. You will notice that your mindset remains positive even in the hardest of times, and you can handle obstacles with ease.

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September 29, 2021 — ERND Admin

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