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Halloween is among us once again, and with that comes the onslaught of candy, Halloween healthy sugar free chocolate and children ready to devour it. Yeah, sure, Halloween comes and goes, but it's still the season for unhealthy treats that lurk around every corner.

It can be hard to keep up with all of the sugar this time of year. Between Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas you're likely going to indulge in a lot of sweets.

And that's okay because a little sugar here and there won't hurt you. But if you know you're going to indulge in a lot of candy, make sure you prepare your body for it by following these tips to stay healthy during Halloween in 2021.

Fill Up Before Trick-Or-Treat

If you're going out, don't go out completely hungry! Eating some healthy food on the way will give you an energy boost that will help you get through the night. Eating before leaving also means that you'll be unlikely to snack too much on the candy since your tummy will already be full.

Offer a healthy snack to your kids before they go out for trick-or-treating. You can make healthy treats like grapes, carrots, and apples; banana slices; yogurt and granola bars; or fruit loops.

Walk While Trick-or-Treating

Don't forget that the night of Halloween is also a time for healthy eating and staying active. If you want to maintain your health on Halloween, you should walk more than usual. The reason is simple: candy is high in sugar and calories, and walking helps burn those calories.

Walking a few blocks won't kill you, but it'll help you burn calories and get in some mild exercise while getting your candy on. Now get out there and get walking!

Make Your Own Healthier Treats

Try to make your own treats. If you include fruits, vegetables, nuts, or whole grains, your treats will have some nutritional value. Creating your treats is a fun way to turn the calories you consume into healthier alternatives to candy.

Keep Your Favorite Sweets and Store the Rest

We all know how scary pre-Halloween candy sales can get especially if you've got a mighty sweet tooth. A sugar craving makes it hard to resist the treats of Halloween.

If you're thinking of buying treats buy healthy candy or your least favorite type to avoid snacking on them before and after the trick-or-treaters arrive.

After collecting candy, allow your kids to enjoy their loot but don't let them overdo it. It won't take long for the sugar craze to turn into a tummy ache and that won't be pleasant for anybody.

Store any remaining candy out of sight or donate it to those who need it or local food pantries. This helps keep your entire family healthy while encouraging kids to always help those in need.

Plan a Party That's Focused More on Fun and Less on Food

Halloween is the most fun holiday of the year, but it's also one of the easiest to ruin. Many children have no self-control whatsoever, so it's important to plan a party that doesn't rely on candy to work well.

The trick is to have a party that is focused more on fun than on food. Kids are happy when they are having fun, and they are less likely to eat junk food if they are having fun.

With fun activities like musical chairs with pumpkins, pumpkin hunt games in your yard, or spooky crafts, kids will have a blast at your party while forgetting the treats.

Choose Healthier Options Like ERND Snacks

Halloween is a great time to sneak out those treats you've been keeping in reserve for the season of pumpkins and ghosts. When you're having fun, it's easy to skip the healthy stuff and go for the full-fat chips and candy. But that might be bad for you.

Instead, you should spend your focus on foods that are both tasty and healthy. For example, ERND Snacks is a Halloween healthy sugar free chocolate with a very low insulin response. This Halloween healthy sugar free chocolate is designed for those who follow a ketogenic nutrition plan or those with diabetes making it the perfect substitute for when the sweet tooth hits.

The fun, intense flavors in the gluten-free snack bars will make you forget you're eating healthy and can take your mind and taste buds to destinations around the globe!

ERND Snacks is a smarter and healthier way to satisfy cravings without unnecessary sugar/carbs. You #ERNDit

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