Reach your biggest goals this year by making them micro.

Try to remember the last time you were compelled to eat fast food. What happened in chronological order? If yours was the experience the Golden Arches hoped you’d have it was something like this:

  1. See a glowing sign from the freeway
  2. Suddenly feel hungry and saliva-mouthed
  3. Exit for a McHabit
  4. Feel the soothing “nutrients” of America’s standard diet course through your veins. *Aaahhhh… that’s good*

According to our best habit friend, James Clear, every habit follows this pattern:

1. Cue  2. Craving  3. Response. 4. Reward 


Let’s just let that settle for a couple days. Between now and your next Micro Moves email, try to spot the patterns of your own habits. Can you spot the cue?
February 07, 2022 — ERND marketing

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