You wake up tomorrow and immediately meditate for 20 minutes, read for an hour while knocking out a few Bakasanas and Lotus’s on the yoga mat, then finish it off with a cold shower and green smoothie.

Sounds like the first 10 seconds of some millionaire trying to sell you his course on Youtube, right? So not practical. But unfortunately, that’s how some people believe they have to live to be as successful with their goals as they want to be.

What if instead you could get just 80% of those results (mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing) with only one of those activities every morning? 

Gary Keller wrote a book called The One Thing. In it, he asks, ​​“What’s the one thing you can do, such that by doing it, everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”

Some examples of this:

  • Keeping the phone on the charger in the morning until x, y, and z are done.
  • Kissing your wife, first thing upon getting home from work
  • Getting a big handful of vegetables with every meal
  • Satisfying a sweet tooth with ERND vs. Godiva (y’all are great at this)
  • Checking email twice per day rather than every :60 seconds

Most of us here are on a health journey of some kind. In next week’s email we’re going to share a schedule you could potentially adopt to utilize the One Thing principle throughout the day.

Look forward to it - it might be just the (one) thing to help you stick to your goals this year!

January 18, 2022 — ERND marketing

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