New Year’s Resolution failure is almost praised. We love to set high goals we’re excited about, then bask in the misfires after day 4, laugh off our disappointment in big groups, and light-mindedly give ’s to posts on January 2nd that say, “2023’s gonna be my year.”   

Here’s the problem: we laugh on the 2nd. But on the 3rd, when all the likes and comments dry up, we’re left alone again with our bad habits, wondering why we can’t commit.

Let jokes be jokes. But if you’re serious enough to really, TRULY be vulnerable and try this year, this next series of emails are for you.

We at ERND believe the more knowledge you have, the more capable you are of making the right decision in a tough moment. So, 2x a week you’ll receive curated information on how to make micro habits of your audacious goals

We’ll also be dropping in discounts, free shipping bonuses, and other reasons to stay tuned. As per usual, feel free to opt out anytime. Use the info that works for you and throw out what doesn’t.

January 12, 2022 — ERND marketing

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