So you carry most your extra weight on your hips and thighs. You might have skin tags, or darkened pigmentation in creases around your neck or armpits. Loosing weight is only what other people do. You eat (what seems like 1.5x the amount of everyone around) then you’re hungry two hours later. You might have set up an extra TV in the bathroom since you’re in there so much. 

These are all symptoms of insulin resistance. IR is a bit like the Fast and Furious series. In order to be satisfied, Vin Diesel has to do something even more fast or furious than in the last movie. Let's explain:

 The healthy body uses insulin to process blood sugar. When blood sugar spikes, insulin spikes too, and processes the sugar out of your blood. Over years of frequent and consistent blood sugar spikes (snacking on carbs/sugar every couple hours), your body needs more and more insulin to get the job done. Soon enough, it’s not able to process sugars without extra insulin - hence the insulin shots everyone loves so much

Here’s a graph to illustrate what should be happening throughout the day:


Here’s a graph to show what the typical person’s day looks like:

Our hack this holiday season: space out the time between meals and snacks. Allow your body time without food. One little-known truth is that when your insulin is high, your body can’t burn fat. When insulin is low, it can. Try to add an extra hour or two per day between meals without snacks that spike your insulin. 

ERND is the perfect snack. It cures your sweet craving but doesn’t spike your blood sugar with carbs or sugar, so your insulin will stay down and your body can continue burning fat.  

December 29, 2021 — ERND marketing

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