We love treats because dopamine and serotonin pulsate through our brain whenever we eat them, especially with other people. It’s fundamental human biology. We feel safe, cared for, and part of the tribe. 

You’ve likely noticed that a diet or regimen isolates you from these feelings, and from other people, particularly around the holidays. 

The 1% Plan:

Stick to your regimen and goals 99% of the time, then...

Step 1: Pick a day/gathering at which you know you’ll be most tempted to divert from the regimen

Step 2: Decide on one dessert - the one that makes all others taste second rate

Step 3: Decide how much of that dessert you’ll eat

Step 4: After eating the decided amount, go right back to the regimen

Step 5: Feel like a champion

Part of dropping a diet or resolution is slipping up once and labeling yourself a failure. The 1% Plan is not allowing yourself to fail the plan just this once. It is the plan. Revel in the victory of your two slices of pie, then get back to the lean, mean, disciplined machine you know you are.  

If you're feeling left out, and not eating the pie today, have an ERND chocolate.

December 29, 2021 — ERND marketing

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