We don’t have to remind you how exciting tomorrow and the next day will be. We also don’t have to remind you how close to the end of your willpower you’ll be after wrapping a thousand gifts, sleeping 4 hours, and breathing in buttery cinnamon smell like it’s now a permanent part of the air.

You may be tempted a thousand times to reply, “eh… sure” to the solicitation of some pie that’s not actually in your top 10 (see hack #12), or a handful of caramel popcorn not even in your top 100. 

Here’s the hack: this weekend, load your purse, coat pockets, satchel, and fanny pack with ERND chocolates. When you find yourself in a compromising position, being offered something you know you’re not going to enjoy 10/10 but instead just regret later, pull the ERND chocolate out and reverse the offer. Give them a gift of sugar-free chocolate!

Here’s why: moving your mind from an emotional place (end of rope, tempted with caramel popcorn) to a logical place allows you to reassess the situation. As soon as you make your counter offer, your friend will almost certainly ask, “what’s this?” You’ll have to think rationally to explain what it is, and those 30-seconds will afford you all the time you need to separate your emotions from your appetite. 

Following the encounter, slip a bite or truffle into your own mouth, and really take time to enjoy it, guilt free! You’ve just learned a powerful lesson in separating emotion from appetite!

We sincerely hope all celebrating to enjoy the happiest of Christmases this year! May you enjoy every moment of it!

December 20, 2021 — ERND marketing

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