Welcome to Christmas week! It’s going to be fun, crazy and maybe feel like a truck hit you (in a good way). For the next four days, you’ll drive to see lights, sing carols and stop for food at the quickest restaurant that also happens to be the least common denominator for your entourage. 

Per our last hack (#12), we want you to like the food you eat, not simply want it. One way to do that: stick with the basics. 

Ask any 5-star chef, and she’ll tell you she doesn’t need sodium silicoaluminate or propylene glycol alginate to make her marinara sauce pop. She uses real, basic, whole ingredients! 

So this week, as you’re being whipped around like heavy cream, stop. Stop and take a look at the ingredients you’re about to put into your mouth. Do you recognize the names? If not, ask your 5-star chef at Denny’s if there’s a menu item that is mostly whole food and doesn’t contain a tongue twister. 

We know it’s not always practical, but this week, try to opt for whole, Mother-Earth-made food, and take note of how that makes you feel. Our guess is that you’ll be feeling pretty basic (that’s a good thing in this context).

December 20, 2021 — ERND marketing

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