Mint Dark Chocolate Bites (7 oz)

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How can something be so rich and refreshing at the same time? Ours is not to reason why but to simply enjoy.
The perfect after dinner treat or for whenever that chocolate craving strikes, our Dark Chocolate Bites are handcrafted with fine Belgian chocolate containing 55% cocoa, delivering that “just right” balance of bitter and sweet. Each rich, velvety-smooth dark chocolate square is sugar-free, keto-friendly (½ net carbs per serving), vegan, and individually wrapped so you can enjoy any time, any place.

    Stay on your ketogenic or other low-carb eating plan with only 1/2 g of net carbs in each decadent chocolate.
    Sweetened with a specific low-glycemic (35), low-insulin index (27), keto-approved maltitol for a rich, creamy treat without the spike.
  • 55% COCOA
    For that “just right” balance of bitter and sweet.
    Contains NO dairy and NO animal products.
    So you can enjoy wherever and whenever the mood strikes.


Satisfaction & No Melt Guarantee

We'll be shipping only Mon-Wed through August to ensure no chocolate melts over the weekend.

Even with our best efforts, sometimes the heat still wins. If your chocolate is melted, or you are otherwise unsatisfied we'll refund you, guaranteed.

Ubeatable Taste

You don't have to decide between delicious and nutritious anymore. We're obsessed with creating the cleanest keto-friendly chocolate from the best ingredients to deliver the perfect taste.

A Satisfying Treat for any Time

You deserve to spoil yourself with the ultimate reward before, during or after your productive activities. Give your body the energy it needs and satisfy your taste buds with the flavors it craves.