Reach your biggest goals this year by making them micro.

You brush your teeth everyday, not only because the dentist told you to, but because you see yourself as someone with good hygiene. You listen to the business podcast when you drive not only because you like the content, but because you view yourself as a professional or lifetime learner. 

Every time you take an action, you leave an impression on your identity. Your perception of your identity changes based on the actions you take. When you slip up and miss a workout two days in a row, your subconscious is busy gathering that evidence for the “I’m not disciplined” identity pile. 

So reverse it.

Today, take 3 actions that leave 3 distinct impressions on your identity. Whatever subconscious pile you’re trying to build up, add 3 pieces of evidence to it today: I am disciplined. I keep promises. I am the type who is on time. I take risks. Then take note of whether you feel more like the person you want to be at the end of that day.
February 07, 2022 — ERND marketing

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