Two big bummers about sticking to a regimen during the holidays:

  1. The piles of fudge and caramel-dipped pretzels on your counter terrorizing your willpower (see hack #6)
  2. The lack of connection you feel with everyone else eating dessert, while you’re not

Regifting solves both. 

This year, thank your friends and family warmly for another box of peppermint bark, then take it to the company party and hand it out like that’s your job. You’ll offload some of that temptation AND get a nice little boost of oxytocin - the connection hormone.

If you want extra oxytocin, try sharing some of that ERND you have in your bag. Now you're gifting and connecting. Two hacks for the price of one.


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November 29, 2021 — ERND marketing

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