Feast on Good Conversation

Let’s paint a picture. You’re at the holiday party. Your brother-in-law Greg is talking your ear off about Congress’s inability to make decisions that bode well … 

You zone out to the realization the only two things you have in common with Greg are… 

  1. love for your sister
  2. this cheese plate

As Greg chats, you reach time and time again for the gouda, the brie, and the provolone. By the time you’ve figured out how Greg feels about Universal Healthcare, the gouda’s gone. 

Here’re our hacks (daily double!): make a proactive decision to move conversations to another room or location where snacky food is not easily reachable, and come ready to talk about things that you and Greg can be interested in together. 

Food often replaces meaningful conversation at gatherings like this - especially for introverts. This year, come prepared to feast on conversation instead! As goofy as it sounds, prepare questions to ask or topics to discuss where you’ll feel like a valuable contributor to conversation. Here’s a list of easy conversation starters.

When your mind’s stimulated, you’re less likely to pick nervously at the cheese plate. So fill up on connection! 

December 10, 2021 — ERND marketing

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