Ah, chocolate! Who doesn't adore this sweet treat? Looking back, can you remember when you had your first bite? The rich history of chocolate takes us on a fascinating journey, from the ancient civilizations of Mesoamerica to the bustling streets of modern cities.

Although the English crafted the familiar chocolate bar, the Swiss took the game to a whole new level by refining it. Did you ever wonder why some countries have a larger appetite for this delectable treat compared to others?

World Leaders in Chocolate Consumption

Why Switzerland Dominates

Switzerland, the land of the Alps, has an unmatched reputation when it comes to chocolate. With an average person munching down a whopping 8.8 kg yearly, it's clear why Swiss chocolates like Toblerone have become household names globally. Their expertise? It's been centuries in the making.

The Love for Chocolate in Austria

Following closely is Austria. Although they might not have as many renowned chocolate companies as Switzerland, their love for chocolate is evident. Averaging 20 pounds per person yearly, Austrians surely know how to appreciate the finer things in life.

Chocolate Trends in the USA

Crossing the Atlantic, the USA too has its fair share of chocoholics. While they might not boast of chocolates with a European finesse, they are home to Hershey's. And let's not forget, they import heaps from top European chocolatiers, making them one of the top consumers globally.

Renowned Chocolate Producing Nations

  • Germany’s Chocolate Legacy: Germany, with cities like Cologne dubbed as chocolate capitals, is a major player. Ever heard of Tortchen or Leonidas? Yup, they're German, and they're loved by many.
  • Belgian Chocolate Fame: Then there's Belgium. Just the mention of Belgian chocolate makes one's mouth water, right? With brands like Godiva calling it home and stringent chocolate production regulations, they've set a high bar.
  • Italy’s Mark on Chocolate Production: Italy, known for its pizzas and pastas, has a chocolate side too. Brands like Perugina and Caffarel have made sure Italy is on the world's chocolate map.

Data on Chocolate Consumption

Top 10 Countries by Consumption

While the leaders are evident, countries like Ireland, the UK, Sweden, and Estonia aren't far behind. These nations too have shown their deep-rooted love for chocolate.

 Switzerland   8.80
Austria            8.10
Germany 7.90
Ireland 7.90
United Kingdom 7.60
Sweden 6.60
Estonia 6.50
Norway 5.80
Poland 5.70
Belgium 5.60
Finland 5.40
Slovakia 5.20
New Zealand 5.00
Australia 4.90
Czech Republic 4.90
Denmark 4.90
Russia 4.80
United States 4.40
France 4.30
Brazil 1.20
Japan 1.20
South Africa 0.90
China 0.10

Surprising Stats on Some Countries

Interestingly, despite having a rich food culture, countries like China and Japan have much lower chocolate consumption. Cultural preferences and food habits surely play a role here.

Wrapping Up

Chocolate, with its rich history and universal appeal, continues to be a favorite. While some countries have embraced it more than others, its allure remains undeniable worldwide. So, next time you bite into a chocolate bar, remember, you're enjoying a treat that's loved the world over.

August 16, 2023 — Ryan Dunn

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